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The AEH Institute

a think tank of the top researchers, academia, industrialists and policy makers that provides insight, foresight and oversight in Africa’s key development issues, opportunities and challenges.

Members and Associates

AEH has carefully selected and brought together top researchers, academia, industrialists and policy makers across several disciplines, sectors and institutions to support innovative and entrepreneurial individuals, firms, institutions and government agencies. Do you have the passion and interest to volunteer your time to development? Send us your CV.


AIRNET is an independent and continental interdisciplinary research network that seeks to infuse entrepreneurship aspects in technology and innovation research, project design and implementation to ensure development happens.

Training and Advisory

Tailored training packages and advisory services to keep public and private sector decision-makers abreast with new and emerging practices are offered in collaboration with top universities, research institutes, industrial leaders and senior advisors.

Research and Development

How can you increase the impact of public investment in research and development (R&D)? Are R&D institutions addressing the right problems? AEH is pioneering innovative R&D project designs and assessments that can help answer some of these questions and many more.