NerdCafe is a new startup run by three gentlemen namely; Victor Konde, Michael Konde, and Lombe Nevets Mwamba. It was started in 2016 December and has since been performing very well. Their specialty is everything from simple business services like typing, photocopying and printing more complex services such as proofreading, research and collective intelligence. Also, the business offers professional services from simple algorithm design to more complex software and hardware based development.

The aim of NerdCafe is to provide the most efficient and simplest solutions to complex problems through technology at high performance but low cost. They also aim to build a blockchain network aimed at sharing intelligence.

One unique aspect of NerdCafe is their involvement in Artificial Intelligence (AI). As witnessed by AEH, their simple eye tracking system is capable of determining the direction of eye gaze direction. In the modern world, eye tracking has several applications; lie detection, intention detection, human-computer interaction, psychological analysis, etc. Other areas of AI in which NerdCafe is invested in is Machine Learning and Adaptive Systems.

NerdCafe considers itself to be one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence in Zambia and hopes to help achieve a more self dependent technological Zambia.