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Peer-to-peer learning

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Informal Firms

What are informal firms? Are they a solution to Africa’s endemic unemployment, testing ground for nascent entrepreneurs, or perpetuators of poverty? How to harass their dynamism to create wealth?

We challenge key presumptions and seek answers to difficult questions to unlock entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities in the informal sector.



Technology Use in Business

Digital transformation underway?

We investigate how emerging technologies are used in a range of business activities of micro and small firms. We uncover how firms view and capture the benefits of new technologies to their businesses beyond the macro data to inform national policies and corporate decision making.



Mapping Business Opportunities

Developing powerful and user-friendly tools, methodologies and systems for mapping, assessing and realizing potential business opportunities.  We work with development agencies, municipalities and international partners to generate opportunity maps

African Innovation Research Network (AIRNET)

Delivering insight, foresight and oversight in Africa’s development challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship


AIRNET is an independent and continental interdisciplinary innovation research network of experts, experienced and young professionals from a diverse range of sectoral and disciplinary backgrounds across Africa and Europe.

Members share a strong passion and interest as well as experience in promoting and applying innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve economic, industrial, scientific, technological and social development in different spheres of life.